Semrush Guru Plan 2024 – Is It Worth Buying?

At the center of Semrush’s offerings lies the Guru plan – a feature-rich subscription that caters to the needs of small to medium-sized agencies and organizations. The Guru plan builds upon the foundation of the entry-level Pro plan, providing users with a more robust set of tools and capabilities to elevate their digital marketing efforts.

Offering a perfect balance between the most basic and the most advanced Semrush plan, the Guru plan can be the best solution by Semrush for you.

So, how much does the Semrush Guru plan cost, and what makes it stand out from the competition? Let’s dive in and explore the ins and outs of this plan.

Semrush Guru Plan: A Quick Brief

  • Semrush Guru is considered the most balanced plan for small to medium-sized digital marketers
  • It costs 249.95/month or $208.33/month if paid annually at a 17% discount
  • New users can try Semrush Guru for free for the first 7 days
  • Guru plan also has a 7-day refund policy on the first purchase

How Much Does Semrush Guru Cost?

The Semrush Guru plan is priced at $249.95 per month, or $208.33 per month when billed annually – a significant investment that can yield substantial returns for businesses that leverage its capabilities effectively.

Semrush Guru Cost
Source: Semrush

Compared to the Pro plan, which starts at $129.95 per month, the Guru plan represents a notable jump in pricing. However, it also offers a selection of additional features and functionality that make it a compelling choice for those who require more advanced SEO and digital marketing tools.

Semrush Guru Add-on Pricing

Semrush also offers add-on services and tools that users can purchase separately, should they require them. The pricing for these add-ons varies for each plan. 

Let’s look at the pricing of these add-ons for the Guru plan:

  • Additional Users: $80/month/user
  • Semrush Local: Basic ($20/month) and Premium ($40/month)
  • Semrush.Trends: $289/month/user
  • Semrush Social: $29.99/month
  • Agency Growth Kit: Scale ($149/month) and Advanced ($249/month)
  • ImpactHero: $200/month

Semrush Guru Plan Refund Policy

Semrush understands that making a significant investment in a digital marketing tool can be a daunting prospect, which is why they offer a 7-day risk-free money-back guarantee for new Guru plan subscribers. 

You can contact Semrush customer support and fill out a request form to cancel your account. Make sure to do this within seven days of purchase to receive a full refund. 

Semrush Guru Plan Features

The Semrush Guru plan is packed with a set of features that cater to the needs of small to medium-sized agencies and organizations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout capabilities:

  1. Projects: The Guru plan allows users to manage up to 15 projects simultaneously, providing a centralized hub for coordinating and tracking their digital marketing efforts.
  2. Keyword and Domain Analytics: With the Guru plan, users can access up to 30,000 results per report and track up to 1,500 keywords, giving them a comprehensive understanding of their target market and competitive landscape.
  3. Site Audit: The Guru plan offers enhanced site auditing capabilities, enabling users to crawl up to 300,000 pages per month and identify technical, on-page, and content-related issues that may be hindering their website’s performance.
  4. Historical Data: One of the key advantages of the Guru plan is access to Semrush’s historical data, which goes back as far as January 2012. This allows users to analyze past performance, identify trends, and make more informed strategic decisions.
  5. Content Marketing Platform: The Guru plan includes Semrush’s robust content marketing platform, which provides tools for content ideation, optimization, and performance tracking. This can be particularly valuable for agencies and businesses focused on content-driven campaigns.
  6. Multi-location and Device Tracking: The Guru plan enables users to monitor their website’s performance across multiple devices and locations, giving them a holistic view of their online presence and the ability to tailor their strategies accordingly.
  7. Looker Studio Integration: Semrush Guru subscribers can seamlessly integrate their Semrush data with Google’s Looker Studio (formerly known as Google Data Studio), allowing for the creation of custom, data-driven reports and visualizations.

Can You Try Semrush Guru For Free?

Semrush offers a 7-day free trial of the Guru plan, allowing new users to experience the full suite of features before committing to a paid subscription. 

Try Semrush Guru for Free
Source: Semrush

This trial period provides an opportunity to explore the platform, assess its capabilities, and determine if the Guru plan aligns with your requirements.

Semrush Guru vs. Pro vs. Business Plans

To help you make an informed decision, let’s compare the key features and benefits of the Semrush Guru plan against the Pro and Business plans:

Semrush FeaturesSemrush ProSemrush GuruSemrush Business
Keywords to Track (Daily Updates)5001,5005,000
Keyword, Domain, and Backlink AnalyticsYesYesYes
Historical DataNoYesYes
Content Marketing PlatformNoYesYes
Google Data Studio IntegrationNoYesYes
Share of Voice MetricNoNoYes
API AccessNoNoYes
Semrush Guru vs. Pro vs. Business
Source: Semrush

As you can see, the Guru plan occupies a middle ground between the entry-level Pro and enterprise-focused Business plans. To know which Semrush plan is best for you, check our comparison of Semrush’s Guru and Pro Plans here.

It offers a significant increase in capabilities compared to the Pro plan, making it a compelling choice for agencies and mid-sized businesses that require more advanced SEO and digital marketing tools.

Who Should Go For The Semrush Guru Plan?

The Semrush Guru plan is primarily tailored for:

  1. Agencies and Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: The Guru plan’s expanded features, such as managing more projects and tracking more keywords, make it an ideal choice for agencies and businesses with a broader digital marketing portfolio.
  2. Content-Driven Organizations: The Guru plan’s content marketing platform and integration with Looker Studio can be particularly beneficial for businesses that are heavily invested in content creation and performance tracking.
  3. Businesses with a Need for Historical Data: The Guru plan’s access to Semrush’s historical data archives can be invaluable for companies that want to analyze past performance and trends to inform future strategies.
  4. Enterprises with Multiple Locations and Devices: The Guru plan’s multi-location and device tracking capabilities can be advantageous for larger businesses with a diverse online presence across different markets and devices.

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Conclusion: Guru Is The Most Popular Plan Of Semrush

The Semrush Guru plan is a solution that caters to the needs of small to medium-sized agencies and organizations. With its expanded feature set, enhanced analytics, and robust content marketing capabilities, the Guru plan represents a significant level-up from the entry-level Pro plan.

While the Guru plan’s monthly price tag of $249.95 may be a significant investment, the potential returns it can generate through improved SEO, content optimization, and digital marketing performance make it a worthwhile consideration for businesses that require more advanced tools and capabilities.

Remember to take advantage of the 7-day free trial and check out all the benefits and features Semrush Guru offers its users. 

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